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History of Edwin Hubble

History of Edwin Hubble

History of Edwin Hubble

Edwin Hubble was born in 1889 in Mansfield, Missouri. He lived there with his family until they moved to Chicago in 1898.
Edwin attended high school in Chicago where he became interested in science and the mysteries of the universe. Two writers that he admired were Jules Verne and his “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” and Henry Haggard who wrote “King Solomons Mines”.
After high school Edwin Hubble went to Illinois State where he succeeded at basketball and boxing, while achieving a Bachelor’s degree in astronomy and mathematics.
Surprisingly as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University he studied law, not astronomy. After graduation Edwin went to Louisville Kentucky and started his law practice. Later he realized his dislike for law, and decided to study astronomy at Yerkes Observatory.
In 1917 Edwin Hubble earned his post-graduate plus doctorate in astronomy from the University of Chicago.
Hubble while working at California’s Mount Wilson Observatory proved the existence of other galaxies by using the Hooker reflecting telescope the Cepheids was outside the Milky Way galaxy.
Edwin Hubble in 1929 first introduced his Hubble telescope and created Hubble’s Law which helped astronomers to determine the age of the universe and proof that it is expanding.

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