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Health Care Certifications

Health Care Certifications

Health Care Certifications

Are you planning to visit the United States for employment? Thinking about applying for a position in the health care industry? Hmm…that’s a good idea. But, before you can reach the country and obtain a good job as a health care professional, you need first to obtain certain health care certifications.

Also known as health care worker certifications, the health care certifications are simply documents that identify and confirm that a foreign health care worker has met the minimum requirements for proper training, licensure, and the English proficiency. These certifications are needed as it is the ones that allow the people to fulfill whatever professional roles they want to pursue abroad, be it licensed practical nurse or registered nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist, physician assistant, medical technician, medical technologist, or speech language pathologist and audiologist.

The health care certifications are generally made accessible to any non-US citizen who is coming to the United States just to find and get a professional job in the field of health care. As such, those who are planning to visit and work in the United States cannot be admitted if they cannot present a certificate that will confirm that they have met the requirements needed. The certificate can either be obtained from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) or a certificate of equal standing which can be taken from an organization that have set credentials equivalent to that of the CGFNS. Both of these requirements are said to be ideal for both the immigrants and the non-immigrants who wish to apply for work abroad.

Yes, you heard me right. Non-immigrants are subject to obtain certain health care certifications for them to be admitted as a health care professional in the United States. This rule has actually been passed to the legislative body and has been determined in July 26, 2004, then subjecting all non-immigrants to the health care certifications.

There is more to health care certifications than its being available for immigrants and non-immigrants. According to certain laws, all of the foreign health care workers are not exempted to obtain the certifications, regardless of them being trained in the United States or being state-licensed.

However, when it comes to those workers who have been trained in the United States, certain types of accommodations are made available for them to consider. Since they grew up and have been trained in the United States, they may automatically be deemed to have met the English language or educational comparability requirements, but this can only be possible if they have attained their training degrees from certain programs offered within the US or in certain countries, such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. And, for nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech language pathologists and audiologists, graduation from certain programs accredited by certain institutions like the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission, the American Occupational Therapy Association, the American Physical Therapy Association, and the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology is deemed necessary for them to successfully obtain health care certifications and be admitted to the health care industry. All of these must be met in accordance to certain laws set by the government.

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