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HDTV – High Definition Television

HDTV – High Definition Television

HDTV – High Definition Television

Television, one of the greatest entertainment devices ever created.

Back in the day, people were outstanded by the capability of being able to watch broadcasts in black & white.

People were amazed by the technology of being able to watch live broadcasts from across the world, films and sports all whilst not having to leave their homes.

Then came along colour!

Obviously, we have come a long way since then, what with the capabilities of computers and the internet, video calling and other technological advances, having colour television all seems a bit primitive.

Since colour television there also have been some more advances for our viewing pleasure.

There was the VCR, giving people the choice of recording their programmes or buying video’s for their kids.

Then came along DVD. DVD produced improved quality in audio and visual a normal VCR cassette couldn’t compete with, as well as separating the films into scenes and sections, and adding extras.

Now with digital television widely becoming the standard, we have LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) & Plasma screens, again improving picture quality whilst saving space. But it doesn’t stop there.

The new technology that again, will improve the viewing pleasure is ‘High Definition TV’ or HDTV for short.

So, what is HDTV?

HDTV is the latest generation of digital TV, providing life-like picture quality, at least four times superior to current standards. It will provide extremely clear and fine picture detail with richer colours, improving the visual experience.

At launch, HDTV is thought to be available from BSkyB. In order to view programmes broadcast in ‘High Definition’, a soon to be released HDTV Sky Receiver with Sky+ technology will be required. In addition, the benefit of High Definition will only be apparent through a HDTV television (ideally plasma or LCD).

Please note, not all Plasma & LCD televisions currently available are HDTV compatible. It is expected to become available in the first quarter of 2006.

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