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Global Online Brokerage

Global Online Brokerage

Global Online Brokerage

For about 25 years of service, Scottrade has been a leader in the global online brokerage industry. They have also been the pioneer of its kind in technology as well as in customer relations. At present, their investors are equipped with stock trading tools that are necessarily needed in order to take control of their spending habits. They also provide discounted commissions in any manner of trading styles.

Since the information superhighway has been a very powerful medium, Scottrade decided to venture into such making them a recognized global online brokerage industry. Through such, they are able to take hold of new technologies so it can increase their productivity level. Looking into the previous period until now, the result has been ensuring a seamless clientele experience with secured systems for the finest trading.

This global online brokerage industry has modified the design of their web site in order to obtain that user- friendly environment. Meaning, it is easy to navigate around the home page with updated attributes where it is simple to manage accounts, research collection and obtain quotations. There is also a chance to have access with live streaming references, news, charts and lists. Another is that it can be very personalized as it can be customized the manner the individual wants it such as marking timely barters when investing digitally.

An improved exchange platform, Elite is the application built by this global online brokerage industry. It starts right from the merchant’s desktop and gives complimentary Dow Jones News, Comtex News and Second Level Quotes as well as charting capabilities and technical analysis. With the new launch, it offers NASDAQ Total View that presents every bid made as well as each market participant. This permits making better business decisions especially when there is a peril that can be sniffed upon making the negotiations. It can be downloaded for free by maintaining a minimum account value of $25, 000.

Scottrade has that unprecedented value as it seeks to deliver right on time of agreement. By being dedicated to supply with that award- winning patrons’ assistance, also through their central headquarters located in Saint Louis where their licensed agents, branch managers and trained specialists hold their office. From one end to another in the United States, they carry a name that is highly- regarded. Recently, they took home the 2006 Gold Award for Customer Loyalty from Brandweek Magazine.

In a survey of about 16, 000 respondents, a lot of them identified Scottrade that is a corporation that has achieved huge clientele trust though their marketing strategy and service efforts. They was also cited as the Highest in Investor Satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates in six consecutive times.

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