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Finding Discount Prices On Torrevieja Car Hire

Finding Discount Prices On Torrevieja Car Hire
Finding Discount Prices On Torrevieja Car Hire 16523

Finding Discount Prices On Torrevieja Car Hire

A Torrevieja car hire is the best way to travel around the Costa Blanca. A car allows you to travel on your own time table without relying on the schedule for public transportation. If you plan to travel into the country or from city to city, a car is the best way to go.

You can hire the car in the city or at the Alicante airport. If you are travelling in the summer, be sure to reserve your car early, as they sell out quickly. Reserve the car at the same time you book your flight and hotel. This way, you will be sure to have the car you want at a good price.

Discount Prices on a Torrevieja Car Hire

The easiest way to comparison shop for a car is on the internet. You can compare the prices from several companies. Some websites allow you to compare deals side by side for an easier and more accurate comparison.

Be sure to compare the total package and not just the price. One may appear more expensive, but if it includes things like an extra driver, taxes and unlimited mileage it may be the better deal. Read the fine print and ask questions about what is included. Ask the cost of extras that are not included to give you a more accurate comparison.

When dealing with larger companies, call the local agency in Torrevieja. Most have a multi lingual staff, if you don’t speak Spanish. Sometimes the local agency may be running a special that won’t show up online. If this is the case, you may get a better deal than the one you found on the internet. It doesn’t hurt to call and check.

Things to Consider in a Torrevieja Car Hire

Consider the size of the car you need to rent. An economy size is the least expensive. These are cheaper both in terms of the rate you will pay and in fuel efficiency. If you are travelling with a small group, an economy will be sufficient. If you are travelling with a family or larger group, you will need a larger vehicle.

Economy cars sell out faster than other sizes. Reserve an economy, as you can always upgrade later. If the company runs out of this size, they will upgrade you to a larger vehicle. If this is the case, most will give you the upgrade for the price of the economy.

How long will you keep the car? Most companies charge either daily or weekly rates for a car hire. In most cases, paying the daily rate is more expensive than the weekly rate, if you are keeping the car for more than two or three days. You may actually save by paying the weekly rate, even if you are only keeping the car four days.

Ask if there are a minimum number of days that you must keep the vehicle. Some companies will charge the daily rate if you don’t keep the car for a minimum of five days. Read the fine print and ask about this. Other companies don’t care if you return the vehicle early.

Do you need the insurance? The cost of insurance through the car hire agency can be quite high. You may wonder if this is necessary. Before you leave home, contact your insurance company. Some do cover rental cars. If your policy covers the car, there is no need to spend the additional money on the car hire insurance. Ask your insurance agent about any conditions or limitations on your coverage. You want to save money, but be sure you are covered.

Some major credit cards offer insurance as well. Call your credit card company to find out if you are covered. Again, ask about any conditions or limitations on the coverage. If the credit card covers the rental, you are wasting your money on the insurance fees.

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