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East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

East Baton Rouge Parish Schools

How many of us know that Baton Rouge is not made up of counties but of parishes instead? However, parishes don’t differ from counties at all. In fact, like counties, parishes are made up of the same types of communities.

East Baton Rouge Parish has been considered as the largest in the Louisiana State right after Hurricane Katrina hit the country. But its population is forecasted to become lower than that of Jefferson Parish after the displaced residents return to their respective regions.

East Baton Rouge Parish is not only a sanctuary for victims of Hurricane Katrina but is likewise a great place to hold residence in. Commercial establishments are offered with every business amenity and all types of services. Furthermore, its residents are given the chance to have quality lives through numerous recreations, less crime rates, and good East Baton Rouge Parish schools.

There are basically three communities within the East Baton Rouge Parish: Baker, Baton Rouge, and Zachary. East Baton Rouge Parish Schools under the parish’s school system include those sections that are neither in Baker or Zachary.

The City of Baker School System is driven by its mission statement which aims to provide “a quality education for all students” through the creation of an education community which will ready them for the task of being life-long learners, as well as citizens with great achievements in the society.

The Zachary Community School Board’s goal on the other hand, is to help each of its students reach his maximum abilities by providing quality education and proper care of the community’s resources.

School districts within East Baton Rouge Parish are made up of the Southern University Lab School, Louisiana State University Lab School, and East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Board.

There are about 107 schools under the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Board from pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade, all of which are either charter or non-charter schools. The schools belonging to this district serve the approximately 52,434 students. Among the numerous learning institutions handled by the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Board, the Tara High School (8th to 12th grade) and the Baton Rouge High School (9th to 12th grade) have the biggest share of learners.

East Baton Rouge Parish Schools have served each of their purpose. Every learning institution is responsible for making the parish achieve the top seat for high school graduation rate and the most number of residents with a Bachelor’s degree, in all of Louisiana. Their education systems certainly work.

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