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e-Government is a Complex Task That Requires Agreement and Coordination

e-Government is a Complex Task That Requires Agreement and Coordination

e-Government is a Complex Task That Requires Agreement and Coordination

By definition, e-government is simply the use of information and communications technology, such as the Internet, to improve the processes of government.
Often there is not a hard-and-fast distinction between e-government and e-democracy. Take voting technology. To the extent that improved voting technology reduces government’s cost of conducting a reliable vote, it is e-government. But to the extent it systematically influences who votes, whose votes are actually counted or any other variable that affects the translation of voter preferences into public policy, it is e-democracy.
You must bring clarity and definition to the role of Customer Relationship Management within local authorities and support councils in delivering modern, successful, and effective local government services.
e-Government is a complex task and requires agreement and coordination across agencies and jurisdictions, and the creation of a technical infrastructure that can sustain the services. Matters such as sharing of experience, data and resources must be tested and considered by any e-Government agency.
Web sites are the most common vehicle for providing electronic access to public information. According to some estimates, there have been more than 10,000 e-government Web sites developed in the United States to date. These include the full array of federal, state, and local governments.
Legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate typifies the way legislators often blend e-democracy and e-government rhetoric, but in concrete actions overwhelmingly focus on e-government. The bipartisan E-Government Act of 2001, co-sponsored by 12 senators, says two of its major goals are: “to enhance citizen access to government information” and “to increase citizen participation in government.”
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