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Disability Assistive Devices also known as Assistive Technology

Disability Assistive Devices also known as Assistive Technology

Disability Assistive Devices also known as Assistive Technology

Being in a situation where you can’t do all the things you want or need to do gives you a very disabling feeling, especially to those people with disabilities. As well know, disability is a physical or mental impairment that has a long-term or significant effect on anyone’s ability to carry out day to day activities. In most cases, those with disability condition tend to shy away from people, with low self-esteem. But, through the invention of disability assistive devices, the lives of disabled individuals have changed.

Before we go to the advanced disability assistive devices, let us first identify the different disability types. Actually, there are a few types of disability that millions of people around the world are suffering from, such as:

§ Eyesight impairment – it is a condition where in limits you to read or do chores that requires enough vision. The most affected individuals with this condition are students for it greatly affect the learning process.
§ Hearing impairment – this includes who are completely deaf or those who have partial hearing in one or both ears.
§ Mobility impairment – this type of disability refers to the many kinds of physical disabilities. Those who have multiple sclerosis or those who have upper limb mobility, manual dexterity, and coordination problem.
§ Cognitive disability – this condition refers to people with dyslexia, a condition where people have difficulties with reading, writing and more, and learning difficulties.

Knowing the different disability types will give you idea as to what appropriate disability assistive device to offer. Basically, disability assistive devices are commonly as assistive technology. Assistive technology can be any tool that helps or allows individuals with a disability condition to make use of their special abilities and to reach their goals in life. Despite the condition they are in, disabled persons like those people without disability problems, also have plans and aspirations in life. The good thing about them is that they usually have the strongest determination and somehow manage to achieve them.

A disability assistive devices or assistive technology is define as technological tools, such as computers and computer devices, used to access education, employment, recreation or communication, to live as independently as possible. This is why many disability tools have been widely known and used today to accommodate the special needs of disabled people. Most of the times, those with disabilities become curious when it comes to state-of-the-art tools and that they would also want to use what other people are using.

Here are some examples of many disability assistive devices that absolutely made few things easier to our fellow disabled friends, family member, or neighbors:

§ Talking word processors
§ Specialized keyboards
§ Communication devices
§ Arm and wrist supports
§ Amplified telephone handsets
§ Screen magnifiers
§ Environmental controls

A goal to access the internet would usually start with difficulty in using the keyboard. Most of the times, those with disability would also want to use what every is using

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