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Costa Rica Car Rental

Costa Rica Car Rental
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Costa Rica Car Rental

Almost everything today has a national organization or two that set guidelines or enforce industry standards. In Costa Rica, hotels, travel agencies, and even gas stations have their own organizations that regulate how business ought to be done. But not so with Costa Rica car rentals, which remain unregulated for the most part, and the only basic rule that these companies follow is to get as much money as possible for each rental.

From this scenario, you can immediately perceive that the odds are stocked against you, the customer. But is it? It may seem that way at first, but smart consumers know when to use this lack of regulation to their advantage. All you need to do is to understand how the Costa Rica car rental game is played. To help you do that, here are some tips:

Check with the Local Agency

When it comes to Costa Rica car rentals, it is always a good idea to act locally. While it is true that most Costa Rica car rental agencies now have their own national toll-free numbers where you can make your car rental reservations, the reservations agents don’t always know what is going on at specific outlets.

For instance, the local Costa Rica car rental agency might be running an unadvertised special weekly rate. There is every possibility that the national reservations agents is unaware of this so you end up paying dollars for something you could have gotten for less if you had only checked with the local Costa Rica car rental agency.

Note that even if you reserved your car rental through the national toll-free number, you should still check with the local agency when you arrive.

Check the Internet

There are many online booking sites that offer better rates than those offered at the individual Costa Rica car rental companies’ 800 numbers. Sites like Expedia and Travelocity, especially, are good places to comparison shop.

If online booking sites are not your thing, you can also check websites like Priceline where you type in how much you want to pay and your bid is either accepted or rejected. But remember that at Priceline, you are actually bidding at a daily rate. So if you are trying to compare weekly rates for a Costa Rica car rental, you might have to do some math. Also, be sure to read the fine print because some online bidding sites do not allow you to pick up and drop off at different locations.

Reserve an Economy Car

Most major Costa Rica car rental companies rent out their “economy” cars first. These are the cheapest, so you can see why they always get rented out first. If you are not very particular about the type of car to rent, make your reservation for an economy car. Besides being cheap, there is also a high chance that you are going to get a free upgrade, if, for instance, you arrive and there are no more economy cars left (because they rent out real fast).

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