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Consumers Tuned In To Benefits Of HD Radio

Consumers Tuned In To Benefits Of HD Radio

Consumers Tuned In To Benefits Of HD Radio

Consumers have consistently and rapidly adopted new digital technologies–CDs, MP3s and DVDs, to name a few–because of the improved quality, choice, convenience and interactivity they provide. And this consumer adoption trend shows no sign of slowing.

The latest development is HD Radio™ technology, which offers broadcasters and their listeners radically upgraded audio quality, along with an on-demand interactive experience and compelling, new wireless data services. HD Radio marks the most significant advancement in radio broadcasting since the introduction of FM stereo more than 50 years ago.

Consumers can continue listening to the same local AM/FM stations they love but with the added services and benefits that HD Radio offers, including:

• AM digital will have FM-like audio quality, allowing for new and innovative programming using music formats. FM digital will have CD-like audio quality.

• Static-free and crystal-clear reception.

• Multicasting for more channels of programming that includes currently unavailable genres.

• Metadata-song, artist and other information (news, weather, traffic ticker info as determined by the broadcaster) displayed on-screen.

• Wireless data services to include on-demand audio. On-demand audio allows for the streaming of content, providing more information on station programs, news, weather and traffic-all at the touch of a button.

“We’re moving very rapidly to improve consumers’ radio listening experience,” says Peter Ferrara, president and CEO of the HD Digital Radio Alliance. “Listeners will now have even more local choices of new and diverse programming.”

Some of the totally new formats to be introduced include Viva La Voce (opera), Classical Alternative, Traditional Jazz & Blues, Coffee House, Female Talk, Future Country, Extreme Hip-Hop and in-depth news. Also of note is the wide variety of new rock formats.

One option for taking advantage of HD Radio is a new entertainment system from Polk Audio. The I-Sonic™ produces big, lifelike sound quality-and is the first to offer HD Radio technology with a DVD player and XM-ready satellite radio technology, making it a total entertainment solution. Its compact dimensions (14.5″ x 9.75″ x 4.75″) allow for use virtually anywhere-home, office or business.

In addition, the I-Sonic was honored as the Best of Innovations audio product at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show.

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