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Computer Controlled LED Signs

Computer Controlled LED Signs

Computer Controlled LED Signs

Most LED signs available today can be controlled by the operator. Computer Controlled LED signs are controlled by the operator. These are the most upcoming technology that is being spread all over the world in speed.
Computer controlled LED signs use the LED technology stands for light emitting diodes and produces very bright light while at the same time being energy efficient as they do not burn off heat as a wasted by product like incandescent lighting. These signs are used as indoor and outdoor outlets in world’s most cosmopolitan cities.
Computer controlled LED signs are employed by many industrial places and even unlikely places too. The main advantage here is that one LED sign can be used as multi talking functionality as computer controlled featured is available which controls the messaging and information. So the operator can choice from number of text and languages, again user defined message can be transmitted to broadcast to the world.
One important feature is the memory capabilities of computer controlled LED signs. While it is common to have electronic displays save 10,000 characters, some models can even save 150,000 characters at a time.
Jayex Technology is successful in proving that Computer Controlled LED can be equipped and controlled easily and with no technical expertise. LED signs can now be seen hanging above some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities in flashy advertising billboards.
These computer controlled LED signs can be controlled from remote location, in advantage. Infra red keyboard or windows based software are used to update the signs, they can now be updated with other means also.
Moreover, fiber optic cable, telephone modems, pagers and certain cellular phone technologies can also be utilized in computer controlled LED signs.

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