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Car Power Inverters! An A/C Outlet On The Road

Car Power Inverters! An A/C Outlet On The Road

Car Power Inverters! An A/C Outlet On The Road

In the past, people had to choose between the utility of home technology and the convenience and enjoyment of travel. Even when needed for important business, certain devices such as computers, televisions, and video players functioned only in the office or the home on AC outlets and could not function on the DC power of car batteries. Vector Car power inverters have solved this problem with technology that converts DC electricity to AC electricity that can power virtually any electronic device whether it be on a business trip or an outing for sheer enjoyment. Typically shaped like small rectangular boxes, car power inverters house one or more standard electrical outlets and plug directly into the car’s cigarette lighter. Occasionally, a car power inverter will come equipped with jumper cables that directly connect to the battery. These power inverters are especially popular with campers, and can safely provide electricity provided the engine runs frequently enough to prevent battery drain.

Car power inverters come in a variety of wattages to accommodate different electronic devices. A simple rule of thumb applies when choosing the right wattage in a car power inverter. Multiply the total wattage of all connecting devices, and add another 50% to accommodate for any fluctuations in power draw. Generally, smaller devices on a single outlet function well on 300 watts. Larger devices on multiple outlets may require up to 3000 watts when plugged into the car’s power inverter. Campers, hunters, and fishermen especially value Vector power inverters for their cars, trucks, and SUV’s when they find themselves in idyllic settings and no electrical outlets, or when the regular campgrounds are full. Many of our customers frequently use Vector power inverters to power electric grills, televisions and stereos, and even laptops with satellite Internet uplinks.

Vector car power inverters also offer a wide range of wattage outputs and features to accommodate virtually any need. Not only do they offer convenience by combining technology and mobility, but they also prove highly reliable in emergency situations. For example, during a power outage, one of our larger 1500, 2000, or 3000-watt Vector power inverters can direct electricity from the vehicle to the home through an extension cord. This should only be done while the engine runs to prevent battery drain, and we strongly recommend that if you garage your car that you open the bay door to vent the carbon monoxide. In many emergency situations such as blackouts and storm advisories, the right car power inverter can literally prove itself a lifesaver by maintaining power to essential home appliances.

In light of the many uses Vector power inverters offer owners of cars, trucks, SUV’s, and RV campers, it serves well to think beyond convenience and immediate need when making a purchase. Especially when one considers possible emergency usage in life or death situations, it is best to err on the side of larger wattage and more outlets than to limit options based upon the occasional use of only one or two appliances in the car. As travel becomes more demanding and frequent, power inverters in cars and other vehicles may well become a standard feature. Until that day, comes, however, trust Red Hill Supply to continue to supply the very best designs and latest technology today’s market can bear.