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Answers to 5 Common Questions about an Atlanta Personal Chef

Answers to 5 Common Questions about an Atlanta Personal Chef

Answers to 5 Common Questions about an Atlanta Personal Chef

Oprah has a personal chef, as do most Hollywood celebs. But surely a personal chef is a luxury that only the rich and famous can afford, right? Not so fast. You may be surprised at how easy – and affordable – it is to hire a chef in Atlanta. Here are answers to five common questions about an Atlanta personal chef.

1. Does a personal chef come in every day to cook?

Typically, north Georgia chefs come into your home one day a week to cook, although in some instances you can book a chef in Atlanta who will come into your home several times each week. It’s a more common practice to find a chef who will come in and cook, and leave a variety of meals stored in the refrigerator or freezer for upcoming days.

2. Do I have to do all of the grocery shopping?

One of the beautiful things about Atlanta personal chefs is that they do all of the shopping for the meals they prepare. This not only ensures that the chefs will have the ingredients they need, but that the meals they create are made with the freshest meats, poultry, fish, and produce.

3. Do I have to have professional kitchen tools?

When you hire a personal chef, she or he will have everything needed to prepare your meals. You don’t need to have any special appliances or tools in order for the chef to work in your kitchen.

4. What if the chef prepares something my family doesn’t like?

In home chefs are called “personal chefs” for a reason – they want you to enjoy the foods they prepare. To that end, they will meet with you in order to determine your food preferences, and plan menus accordingly. They’ll go over the menus with you, and if you don’t care for a menu item, a good chef will substitute something that your family will enjoy.

5. How much does a personal chef cost?

While the chefs of Georgia each have their own pricing, it’s common for them to offer package pricing. For example, a package that covers dinner for two people for five days (an entree and two side dishes for each meal) might run $179, while a package that will feed four people for five days might run $339. These prices include the food, as well as the preparation and storage.

For some people, having a personal chef for everyday meals might seem like an extravagance, while for others it can be a lifesaver. Many people use private event chefs in Atlanta for business gatherings, while others use private party chefs as they might use a caterer for an in-home dinner party.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to be a celeb to hire an Atlanta personal chef to create delicious, nutritious dishes in your home. Best of all, your chef will bring everything he or she needs, and will clean up before leaving! You can simply relax and enjoy scrumptious food in the comfort of your own home.

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