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American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS)

American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS)

American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS)

American Indian Radio on Satellite or AIROS is a radio service for the Native Americans. It was founded in 1992 and continues to be of service to the Indian Country until today. American Indian Radio on Satellite provides for authentic Native American audio programming as music, news, interviews and discussions. This is possible through the Public Radio Satellite System. Behind this is the Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT). This is a non-profit organization that supports the promotion of Native American public media.

American Indian Radio on Satellite is live 24×7 and is being broadcasted to around 33 Native American stations. Check AIROS at www.airos.org.

The audio programming for American Indian Radio on Satellite is diverse. Its flagship program is ‘The Native America Calling’, which is a call-in, show good for one hour from Mondays through Fridays. There is the ‘Alternative Voices’ program which is about the Native American Community. Then the ‘California Indian Radio Project’ which has a lot of information on the California Indian world. The ‘American Indian Living’ is another radio call-in program that focuses on health issues. They have the ‘Earthsongs’ and ‘Native Sounds~Native Voices’ music programs where one gets to hear music of such genre played.

There are many more programs in American Indian Radio on Satellite (AIROS). A lot of Native Americans from different locations are delighted with the programming placed here. They are able to listen to music they love, to news, health issues and anything & everything about them.

The support of Native American Public Telecommunications (NAPT) has been very valuable for AIROS, and the programming available would not have been possible with the former’s help. NAPT’s mission has always been to support Native public media in coming up with quality public broadcasting programs. The group has also built partnerships to help them in their mission and in implementing telecommunications projects to such tribal nations and native communities. A very helpful group worthy of praise to their worthwhile mission & drive in valuing the culture of Native Americans & its people. Visit their website at www.nativetelecom.org. Their work has one way or the other, surely changed the lives of many Native Americans out there.

American Indian Radio on Satellite provides for education, news and entertainment to Native Americans. Musicians and respected personalities in their native communities are given exposure, and with the wide coverage of telecommunications, the music and message is enjoyed by many Native Americans who are in different locations.

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