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All About Car Shows (5)

All About Car Shows (5)

All About Car Shows

Creativity is what will make your car show dazzling, spectacular, great, and awesome. That is why you need a creative team. You will want people on this committee who like to take things over the top. At least allow them to raise the bar over previous mundane events. Don’t worry, you don’t need to write a blank check or have lots of money, just low-cost ideas to enhance the usual.
Creating With Nothing
Keep in mind that this is a special group and you should already be aware of each person’s creative ability. It is better to have two or three really creative thinking people than a group of stick-in-the-mud types. When it’s all said and done, you should be looking forward to your next successful event due largely in part to their efforts.
One great way to get those creative juices flowing if your team is already in place is to plan a theme and follow through—spending as little money as possible for maximum results. Creative people have this down to a science because they are good at creating something with nothing.
Best Yet To Come
When your creative team is in place, give them the event overview, time-line and let them think out of the box. Require them to discuss the theme concept with the group because this is a joint effort and family friendly event. A great creative team can even plan ahead in the event of inclement weather, too. Rain or shine the show must go on because visitors and show cars come from out-of-town and; it may be difficult to inform them, at the last minute, that the show has been cancelled. Once the car show date is set, do not let anything stop your creative team from creating the best show you have ever had.

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